Treat them to our Traditional Soft Pretzels

Give your patrons the perfect pretzel every time. With our wide variety of soft pretzel offerings, it’s easy to deliver a tasty twist and provide profitable enjoyment.

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Traditional Soft Pretzels

  • #1 selling soft pretzel brand
  • Labor saving products – most soft pretzels are fully baked, simply heat and serve
  • Perfect for serving plain, salted or topped with your signature dips, cheeses and mustards
  • Available in sizes ranging from .5 oz. bite sized to 10 oz. Jumbo
  • Tons of fun recipe ideas to add a twist to your menu

Product Information

SUPERPRETZEL® Traditional Soft Pretzels
Product CodeBrandProduct Description
3085 SUPERPRETZEL® 0.3 oz Soft Pretzel Bites - 375 ct
3013 SUPERPRETZEL® 1.0 oz Mini Soft Pretzels Pre-Baked - 200 ct
3073 SUPERPRETZEL® 10 oz Jumbo Soft Pretzels Pre-Baked - 25 ct
3006 SUPERPRETZEL® 2.5 oz Soft Pretzel -Pre-Dipped, Raw Dough- 100 Ct
3010 SUPERPRETZEL® 2.5 oz Soft Pretzels Pre-Baked - No Salt - 100 ct
3069 SUPERPRETZEL® 5.0 oz King Baked Pretzel - 25 ct
3018 SUPERPRETZEL® 5.0 oz King Size Soft Pretzel -Pre-Dipped, Raw Dough - 50 ct
3014 SUPERPRETZEL® 5.0 oz King Size Soft Pretzels Pre-Baked 50 ct
3430 SUPERPRETZEL® 6.0 oz Soft Pretzels - No Salt - 50 ct
3039 SUPERPRETZEL® 7.0 oz Jumbo Soft Pretzel with No Salt - 40 ct
30145SUPERPRETZEL®New! Soft Pretzel Fries- Approx. 380ct.
Federal® Traditional Soft Pretzels
Product CodeBrandProduct Description
7277 Federal® 4.0oz. Federal Individually Wrapped Soft Pretzel