They’ll bubble over with joy when you offer
Bubbly Crust Pies

Add a little celebration to any meal with fun bubbly crusts filled with nostalgic and fruity pie fillings.

Bubbly Crust Photo

Sweet Stuffers® Bubbly Crust Pies

  • Fries in minutes and holds well under a heat lamp
  • Convenient on-the-go dessert
  • Available in traditional pie flavors
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Branded serving sleeves available

Product Information

Sweet Stuffers® Bubbly Crust Pies
Product CodeBrandProduct DescriptionNutritional Information
4497902051Sweet Stuffers®3 oz Fryable Apple Turnover Bubbly Crust Pies with Pie Sleeves- 90 ct > Detail Information
4497902063Sweet Stuffers®3 oz Fryable Lemon Bubbly Crust Pies - 120 ct > Detail Information
1882872585Sweet Stuffers®3 oz Fryable Peach Bubbly Crust Pies - 72 ct > Detail Information
4497902059Sweet Stuffers® 3 oz Fryable Apple Bubbly Crust Pies -120 ct > Detail Information
4497902052Sweet Stuffers®PIE SLEEVES - ALL FLAVOR - 5" x 13" > Detail Information