Serve up a slice in every bite with our Stuffed Sandwiches

No one can ever have just one slice, so give customers the pizza flavor they savor in a baked or fried yummy crust.

Savory Stuffed Sandwiches

Supreme Stuffers® Savory Stuffed Sandwiches

  • Available in both bakeable and fryable varieties
  • Holds well under heat
  • Branded serving sleeves available
  • Convenient on the go meal

Product Information

Supreme Stuffers® Pizza Stuffed Sandwiches
Product CodeBrandProduct DescriptionNutritional Information
4497930512Supreme Stuffers®3 oz Pepperoni Pizza Stuffed Stick - 48 ct > Detail Information
4497902004Supreme Stuffers®5 oz Stuffed Supreme Pizza Sandwiches with Serving Sleeve - 48 ct > Detail Information
4497902071Supreme Stuffers®6 oz Deluxe Pizza Stuffed Sandwich - 48ct > Detail Information
81408Supreme Stuffers®3.25 oz Fried Taco Pocket - 48ct > Detail Information
81409Supreme Stuffers®4 oz Breakfast Stick – 48ct > Detail Information