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Turn to J&J for the best in nutritious,  K-12 products that your kids will love! Our k-12 menu solutions fit into national school nutrition programs, and offer unique menu days for your foodservice operations.
Product CodeBrandProduct DescriptionNutritional Information
9545 Bavarian Bakery® 2.0 oz 51% Whole Grain Pretzel Stick- 72 ct Detail Information
9546 Bavarian Bakery® 2.6 oz 51% Whole Grain Pretzel Hot Dog Bun- 72 ct Detail Information
9549 Bavarian Bakery® 2.2 oz 51% Whole Grain Dinner Roll- 100 ct Detail Information
9552 Bavarian Bakery® 2.2oz. 51% Whole Grain Soft Pretzel Roll-Low Sodium (Bulk)-90ct. Detail Information
4522 Dutch Waffle® 4” Dutch Waffle Sticks- 51% Whole Grain 600ct. Detail Information
48450Luigi's® Sours4.4 fl oz 100% Frozen Juice Sorbet, Sour Watermelon - 96 ct Detail Information
48451Luigi's® Sours4.4 fl oz 100% Frozen Juice Sorbet, Sour Orange - 96 ct Detail Information
48452Luigi's® Sours4.4 fl oz 100% Frozen Juice Sorbet, Sour Lemon - 96 ct Detail Information
48453Luigi's® Sours4.4 fl oz 100% Frozen Juice Sorbet, Sour Raspberry - 96 ct Detail Information
48456Luigi's® Sours4.4 fl oz 100% Frozen Juice Sorbet, Sour Orange/Raspberry - 96 ct Detail Information
56079 BeneFIT READI-BAKE®2oz 51% Whole Grain Pre-Packaged Jungle Crackers - 100 ct Detail Information
56080BeneFIT READI-BAKE®2 oz Cinnamon Graham 51% Whole Grain Pre-Packaged Belly Bears - 100 ct Detail Information
48470TIO PEPE'S ® Spiced Ice™4.4 fl.oz. Strawberry Jalapeño- 96 ct. Detail Information
48471TIO PEPE'S ® Spiced Ice™4.4 fl.oz. Mango Chamoy- 96 ct. Detail Information
48472TIO PEPE'S ® Spiced Ice™4.4 fl.oz. Horchata- 96 ct. Detail Information
48473TIO PEPE'S ® Spiced Ice™4.4 fl.oz. Watermelon Chili Limón Verde - 96 ct Detail Information
14409Readi-Bake® Benefit® Spiced Cookies1.85oz. Mayan Hot Chocolate with Caramel Pieces- 192 ct. Detail Information
14410Readi-Bake® Benefit® Spiced Cookies1.85oz. Spiced Key Lime with White Chocolate Chips- 192 ct. Detail Information
14411Readi-Bake® Benefit® Spiced Cookies1.85oz. Sweet Heat Oatmeal Cranberry- 192 ct. Detail Information