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La Vida Dulce!
Escape to the streets of Spain, as you indulge in a long-standing tradition that are churros. This sweet pastry dough, which is traditionally paired with chocolate and rolled in cinnamon sugar, is a cornerstone to the Spanish culture. These hand-crafted, loop shaped churros are new to the California Churro®  brand, capturing the most original style with a more premium look.  To us, churros are a way of life, a true delicacy. Savor in the Sweet Moments!
  • Available in 3″, 5″ and 8″
  • Hand-crafted, Spanish style with an authentic loop shape
  • Perfect addition to menus as an appetizer, snack, or coffee pairing
  • Light and fluffy interior, with a crispy and flavorful exterior
  • Create a Churro Bar and craft your own topping experience!
  • Packed with Cinnamon Sugar
Product CodeBrandProduct DescriptionNutritional Information
41805California Churros3" Small Loop Pre-Fried Churros - ~250 ct Detail Information
41806California Churros5" Medium Loop Pre-Fried Churros - ~100 ct Detail Information
41807California Churros8" Large Loop Pre-Fried Churros - ~60 ct Detail Information