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Soft, warm and delicious.
Demand the very best in soft pretzels. With our wide variety of pretzel offerings you are sure to find the perfect pretzel. 

Provide profitable enjoyment to your customers.

  • #1 selling soft pretzel brand
  • Labor saving products – most soft pretzels are fully baked, simply heat and serve
  • Serve plain, salted, topped or with mustard, cheese, salsa or any dip
  • Available in sizes ranging from .5 oz. bite sized to 10 oz. Jumbo
  • Tons of fun recipe ideas to add a twist to your menu
Product CodeBrandProduct DescriptionNutritional Information
7585SuperPretzel® 0.5oz Sweet Cinnamon Bites - 250ct. Detail Information
3198SuperPretzel®0.4 oz Soft Pretzel Big Bites - 350 ct Detail Information
3085SuperPretzel®0.3 oz Soft Pretzel Bites - 375 ct Detail Information
3013SuperPretzel®1.0 oz Mini Soft Pretzels Pre-Baked - 200 ct Detail Information
3073SuperPretzel®10 oz Jumbo Soft Pretzels Pre-Baked - 25 ctDetail Information
3006SuperPretzel®2.5 oz Soft Pretzel -Pre-Dipped, Raw Dough- 100 Ct Detail Information
3010SuperPretzel®2.5 oz Soft Pretzels Pre-Baked - No Salt - 100 ct Detail Information
3069SuperPretzel®5.0 oz King Baked Pretzel - 25 ct Detail Information
3018SuperPretzel®5.0 oz King Size Soft Pretzel -Pre-Dipped, Raw Dough - 50 ct Detail Information
3014SuperPretzel®5.0 oz King Size Soft Pretzels Pre-Baked 50 ct Detail Information
3430SuperPretzel®6.0 oz Soft Pretzels - No Salt - 50 ct Detail Information
3039SuperPretzel®7.0 oz Jumbo Soft Pretzel with No Salt - 40 ct Detail Information
3063Mister Twister®5.5 oz King Soft Pretzel -50 ct Detail Information
3061Mister Twister®2.5 oz Soft Pretzel - 100 ct Detail Information
3100Mister Twister®3.5 oz Baked Soft Pretzel -100 ct Detail Information
3047Mister Twister®3.5 oz Soft Pretzel - 100 ct Detail Information
7277Federal®4.0oz. Federal Individually Wrapped Soft Pretzel Detail Information