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4 oz butter (1 stick)
2 tablespoons garlic
2 tablespoons dry parsley
½ cup shredded parmesan
1 lb bacon
2 tablespoons black pepper
Preheat oven to 400°F.
Take out frozen rolls and arrange them on a parchment lined sheet pan. Cover with plastic wrap and let thaw for about 1 hr.
On a parchment lined sheet pan arrange the bacon on there and bake for 15 minutes @350°F. Move cooked bacon onto a clean parchment sheet and sprinkle black pepper generously on both sides. Cut each slice into 6 pieces cutting once down the center long ways and 2 cuts sideways making 6 equal pieces total.
Melt butter and garlic in a sauce pot and reserve.
Take thawed rolls and coat them in the butter garlic mixture and arrange them on a sheet pan about 3 inches apart.
With the scissors, cut a slit right down the center about ¾ of the way down. Arrange 2 pieces of bacon in there and pinch back together.
Top with parsley and parmesan.
Proof until the rolls just about double in size.
Bake @400° for 10 minutes.
Take out and finish with another brushing of the butter garlic.